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Faxed instructions. Also, as sed, Nate Crawford's tiny mobile telephone was folded into Jurgen's breast coat pocket, while each side pocket contained a tightly wrapped packet of five-hundred-mark notes. There were fifty per packet, for a total of five-hundred-thousand deutschemarks--just half the amount demanded, on Dr. Masel's advice. The notes were quite genuine, although electronically tagged, something else not in accordance with Vert's instructions. Shortly after he crossed the Opernstre into the first block of Richard-Wagner-Stre, the shopping zone's eastern continuation, the pocket telephone warbled. Jurgen unfolded the instrument against his ear, identified himself and heard a synthesized voice: You-will-en-ter-the-Wool-worth-store-to-your-right-at-once-and-you-will-walk-in-a-slow-cir-cle-a-round-the-store-six-times-then-e-xit-keep-your-hands-in-your-trou-ser-po-ckets-do-you-un-der-stand? Yes. In the earpiece, static flared and was squelched. The communication was over. Jurgen glanced right, directly into the wide-open mall entrance of Woolworth's, teeming with lunch-hour shoppers. So, Monsieur Vert was watching him, or having him watched, this very moment. But many others were also watching, Jurgen knew, none of them detectable. Dr. Masel of the Interior Ministry and Captain Eckhard of the local police had placed undercover agents all over the area--on the street, on rooftops and in windows overlooking the street, winnipeg personal trainer tracking Jurgen optically and electronically. They would have monitored the phone call and now be filling the tactical winnipeg personal trainer radio frequencies with urgent chatter. Jurgen had noted his path being crossed several times the last several minutes by some French-speaking, camcorder-equipped sightseers google in Euro Disneyland T-shirts, and suspected they were not what they seemed. For, he knew, it was a considerable net that was being spread around him, in hopes of trapping what Dr. Masel called a m-casualty terrorist masquerading as an environmentalist. And Masel and Eckhard, having prepared carefully for today's money drop and its contingencies, were now poised to pounce. But Monsieur winnipeg personal trainer Vert had timed his call and picked his rendezvous with precision. How quickly, Jurgen wondered, would the police be able to react and follow him into Woolworth's? Yet he dared not delay to give them time. He crossed Wagner-Stre and, hands in pants pockets as directed, entered the crowded store. The narrow aisles were aswarm with shoppers, especially along the perimeter where Jurgen had been told to circle. As he insinuated himself into this throng, he tried to keep track of people who brushed against him, but quickly gave it up. Monsieur Vert had chosen cleverly. Rare was the instant when Jurgen was not being jostled or pressed upon to some degree. And in kitchen appliances there was almost an impe. Jurgen had to force his way through a Turkish-speaking family group disputing over microwave ovens, then was knocked against a display of Pyrex cookware by a darting trio of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles carrying their skateboards. By his third circuit of the store, Jurgen had the strong feeling that his coat pockets had been lightened. But he could not verify this without disobeying instructions and removing his hands from his pants pockets. It was not until several minutes later, when he finally exited into the welcome air of Wagner-Stre, that he confirmed winnipeg his suion. Both pockets had been picked. Indeed, the back seams had been slashed open as if by razorblade. The half-million deutschemarks were gone. Minutes later, at a command car nearby winnipeg personal trainer on Kanzleistre, Jurgen tried to explain what had happened to Dr. Masel, Captain Eckhard and several undercover agents--including the French tourists, several of whom had apparently been quite close to Jurgen inside the store. But no one had seen the pickpocket making his strike. Undoubtedly their man, or woman, was already outside the store--but well within their electronic net. The instant Jurgen had exited the store, police had activated